Select The High Back Office Chair That Suits Your Needs

Not sure which chair to select for your office or home? Here are a few suggestions. If you need a chair that you will be sitting in for more than 8 hours, you should look into one of the"ergonomic" high back office chairs. These chairs are made with the seat and back contoured for much needed lumbar support. Office Star has a high back leather chair that helps to support you with multifunctional controls that allow you to adjust for your comfort.

The more you are able to contour to your body the better. Always try to fit the chair to you, you need to be comfortable in this chair and the only way to do this is by actually sitting in it before you buy it. Check to see if the armrests are adjustable, your arms should be parallel to the floor. This takes the pressure off of your wrists and elbows and allows the shoulders to relax.

High Back Office Chairs

Your feet should be able to be flat on the floor while you are sitting in the chair to take pressure off your legs and hips. Some of these high back office chairs will have multi-functioning controls to adjust the back, seat and armrests. This is so you can adjust the chair to your level of comfort. Make sure that the chair swivels correctly and the rollers move smoothly with little effort. This will help in reaching every part of your desk easy without straining.

 Some fabrics to consider are the "microfiber" or "mesh" when choosing a high back office chair. Both are very durable and easy to clean. They come in a variety of colors to match whatever decor you may have in your office or home. The "Earl" high back office chairs are made of leatherette fabric and a steel base for a more European style. It is unique in that it has a gas lift for easy height adjustment and the wheels can lock in many different positions.

 Many people don't realize that the tension headaches they have could be caused by their office chair. Not having the correct fit and no head or neck support can influence this problem. You could consider a reclining high back office chair with a padded head rest. This type of chair can help relive stress at the end of the day and help with circulation problems from sitting in one position for long periods of time.

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